Unfortunate victims of credit card are probably not thrilled by this.

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Scan the QR code or transfer the stated ("Price:") BTC amount to the address provided; Send an email to darkwebcards@protonmail.

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Australia. Physical Documents. It is basically a dual language carding forum that lets you buy credit cards on darknet.

UniCC, the biggest dark web marketplace for stolen credit and debit cards, has announced that it's shuttering its operations after earning $358 million in purchases. No physical shipments involved.



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The simplest way is to resell them on third party websites. .

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The market also features a shopping cart system with which you can buy multiple items in 1 single order.
Price range: $5-$20 per listing.

Gift cards from over 3,000 brands sold on the dark web.


Another dark web site to buy cloned cards, prepaid cards (VISA and MasterCard), PayPal transfers, and Western Union transfers. Bought them from someone who said they're hacked not stolen. DarkGift Gift Card Tutorial: How to Buy and Redeem in dark - web.

→ 1 pcs Visa digital Gift Card ($30). . , Canada, and Australia) to $ 20 each (in Hong Kong). → 1 pcs Visa digital Gift Card ($30). There however is a category dedicated to “Credit. "Don't build any conspiracy theories about us leaving," the anonymous operators of UniCC said in a.

There however is a category dedicated to “Credit.

Literally got $300 worth of shit for $75 at the mall today. .

And not just that, wire transfers are also available.

Click Encrypt message at the top.

Some fraudsters also sell them on the dark web.


A data breach of an online gift card portal has reportedly led to the sale of its database, containing 3.