// decrypter delegates.

Hi guys, I've been playing around with de4dot to see if SmartAssembly 6.

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The goal was to create a tool that could remove virtual machine (VM) based protections from malware.

. From the Settings Tab in the Config Editor. When you enter license key correctly, a messenger with the Success!!! will show.

Using it, you’ll be able to decompile obfuscated code and a lot more.

Called by the strings delegate or normal code. See the original code with fixed control flow, the original strings and resources, without the obfuscator junk - the deobfuscated code will run. red-gate.

1. This tutorial is brought to you by yours truly.

FindBigType () taken from open source projects.


Use carefully and not blind I think a better way would be to patch the first conditional jump to a jmp instead of nopping everything. Thanks in advance.

Embeds dependencies, for example DLLs, inside your assembly so that the dependencies are obfuscated in the same way as the main assembly. .


Name mangling.

InitializeVersion(TypeDef) taken from open source projects.

SmartAssembly 7 full encryption options with a few tricky class inside source code. . .

. . net program which you want to deobfuscate. . pdb files containing debugging information.

This tutorial is brought to you by yours truly.

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PointMutationRemover - Point Mutation Remover.

Dumpy -.

Dec 31, 2012 · Removes code that can never be run and some metadata.

NET assembly with 200,000+ lines of code with the highest levels of.

Universal-Math-Fixer - Math Fixer.