Now you also have Ashika island so they brought back the one time use building 21 cards. .

There are three types of Building 21 Access Cards: A DRC, a Red one, and a Blue one.

You can get the Black Access Card by killing either t.

. At least one Player in a squad must have a Building 21 Access Card in their Inventory to allow infiltration. Here are the changes, as listed by the developer in their patch notes: Players no longer need to bring Building 21 Access Cards into the match by equipping them before infiltration.

You can get the Red Access Card by looting supply drops in Al Mazrah or by picking it.

How to Access Building 21 in Warzone 2 DMZ. . .

You can also get a Building 21 Access Card by killing a Commander in MW2 DMZ. Of course, you will only be able to do so when Building 21 is active in the game.


Dec 18, 2022 · How to find the Building 21 key in Al Mazrah.

Players can readily. .

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The access card was intended to be removed from their key stash after each use but some players seem to still have it in their inventory.

But, there is another Access Card that is much rarer - the Black Access Card.


. . yep, i have the drc building 21 card and its not allowing me to go in.

. You'll have a chance to get the access key in a variety of ways. It not bug ! It use to be single use item ! Every body complain about it the most valuble thing in thr game, find it is hard, and nothing make sure you can exfil savely with it, so.